Aerobic Fitness Step Air Stair Climber Stepper [2022 Edition ]

For home and office use, the Aerobic Fitness Step Air Stair Climber Stepper has a range of user-friendly features such as an LCD Display screen and adjustable resistance, but it is not suitable for commercial gym use.

It is a 2018 style mini under desk stepper that has earned an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 7 consumers.

You will have it in navy blue, white, and metallic grey, with minor price variations. Check out for more details.

The Ideer Life can be used as an under-desk and stand-up unit, allowing you to hit various parts of your leg muscles and abdominals, whether sitting or standing.

It would aid in the burning of calories and fat, the loss in weight, the improvement of body shape, the reduction of cellulite, the enhancement of blood circulation, the relaxation of the muscles, and the general improvement of your fitness.

If you workout every day, even if it’s just for 10-15 minutes on this one, you’ll eventually see a difference: you’ll be more active at work, healthier, and less stressed out by life’s daily struggles.

With the stress knob and various resistance settings, you may tailor the speed of the workout to what you can tolerate or what you will need at the moment.

But that could be a light exercise or a fast hard workout if you’re sitting in front of your screen all day.

It has a big foundation and a low profile, which means the feet will not hit the desk and there will be no trembling or wobbling.

A multi-functional LCD monitor is built in and displays calories, distance, time, count, and overall count.

The big anti-slip textured pedals will make you feel secure, steady, and relaxed as you pedal smoothly and quietly.

You may use it at your office desk, when studying or watching TV at home, without bothering yourself or anyone in your home or office.

Through the elliptical motion, you’ll get a low-impact exercise that won’t put too much strain on your knees or joints. It has a heavy-duty steel frame and solid overall design, so it can last a long time.

You’ll receive it partially installed at your Aerobic Fitness Step Air Stair Climber Stepper and you’ll be able to finish it in about five minutes with all the equipment and directions included in the kit.

You can do it in forward or reverse mode, and various muscles in your legs and glutes will be targeted.

It has two drive wheels and an ergonomic style handle so you can conveniently carry it around your home or office. Just tilt and move it for movement and storage in a suitable position.

You won’t have to lift something big or place any pressure on your back. Its durable heavy-duty steel frame measures 23.62 x 19.69 x 10.63 inches, weights about 28 pounds, and has a total user weight capability of 243 pounds.

Its stride length is about 8 inches. As long as your desk is tall enough, you can comfortably pedal this bike. So, before you buy it, double-check the dimensions.

The mini stepper bile, LCD camera, two pedals, hardware, and manuals and user manual are all included in the kit.

We can use safely it in a sitting posture for the elderly with mobility problems. If some pieces get squeaky, you’ll find some oil in the package.

When you sit down, unlike some other steppers on the market, your back will not hurt. Overall, with this brand new Aerobic Fitness Step Air Stair Climber Stepper, you certainly get what you pay for.


  • Very easy to use!

  • Everything is ready for use!

  • Material quality

  • Outstanding on-board meter


  • A little heavy to move it

  • No instructions in French

The Aerobic Fitness Step Air Stair Climber Stepper is a mini lateral movement stepper that helps you keep your upper and lower body. 

With its affordable price, its hydraulic and non-slip nature, this stepper rises to the level of steppers to be preferred.

Features of the Aerobic Fitness Step Air Stair Climber Stepper

The Aerobic Fitness Step Air Stair Climber Stepperhas the following characteristics:
– Dimension 36 x 19 x 41cm
– Weight 6.5 kg
– Two hydraulic shock absorbers
– Two extenders of 77 cm
– Anti-slip rubber feet
– Integrated computer with a display of the Pedometer and calories burned
– Two difficulty levels with the possibility of planning
– Maximum weight supported by 100 kg



The key feature of this stepper is that the height of the steps can be configured . It has two difficulty levels which you can program to suit you for an effective workout.

Thanks to its extensors, you work not only on the lower part of your body. As well your chest, your abdominals, your back are considered.

 It helps increase blood pressure and exercise in specific areas.

The dimensions of this stepper favor storage under a bed or cabinet. 

It has a computer that displays not only the calories consumed but also the number of steps per minute; the time remaining in the exercise and the various training functions.

It is a device that automatically turns off when you finish your exercise. 

We should also note that the device is rather silent, and that is a plus. It can be quite annoying to hear a squeaking noise while using a stepper.

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