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Dear assembly line runners! 

Sport has been my biggest hobby since I can remember. From many years of gymnastics and vaulting to surfing on Fuerte, I find a lot more really exciting than jogging, I have to confess. When my running shoes look at me from the corner again on Sunday mornings, I like to run around or two through the park.

But if it pours out of buckets, I leave it. Then I am not sad and do not run to the treadmill to the gym out of complete despair, no! In the forest I especially love the pleasant silence, and if it doesn’t smell of wild boar somewhere, you can breathe in the clear, fresh air. The exercise bar with a horizontal bar on my running route motivates me to do a few pull-ups, while I can also train my coordination on the uneven forest paths.

Of course, this doesn’t work on the treadmill! The rolling of the feet on the belt is different, somehow unnatural, I think. Here I catch sight of sweaty shirts, and I have to think constantly of videos in which people tumble backward off the treadmill in an inharmonious way. If I have struck again while eating, then I will gladly accept to torture myself a little more in the forest. Because stimuli such as cold or wind cost us additional energy when we run. So for me, it’s worth it twice!


In Treadmillcache.com,  we are athletes and we work for athletes. If you are a lover of sports and healthy living and you are looking for first brands at a competitive price, this is without a doubt your sanctuary. We go cycling – unrestricted tour of above all things – and running, but also triathlon, swimming, fitness, and outdoor sports.


Running training on the treadmill? A “never in life!” Has now become a “never say never!”. For a long-distance runner who is not afraid of the nastiest weather, this is real knowledge. Because for years my favorite saying, as soon as it got really uncomfortable outside, was the classic: there is no bad weather, only wrong clothes.

And in winter you need a lot of it. When running training is on my training schedule five times a week, I either run out of suitable clothing or have to wash almost every day. The treadmill is a welcome alternative. Monotonous. Bad for the knees. Doesn’t feel like running.

These are the most common objections. Slow and long endurance runs can be monotonous in the “on the spot race”. But: For a crisp, fast interval training, I prefer to stand on the treadmill instead of exposing myself to an increased risk of falling on wet leaves in the dark.

With the precisely set speed, I even train more optimally. For me, the treadmill has proven itself after a short period of familiarization. Should it get boring: just turn on the TV. No more excuses to skip training. Because if you love running, you run everywhere, whether on the road, on the running track, in the forest – or on the treadmill. By the way, my knees are doing great!


Contribute to the health and well-being of society by offering an online service specialized in selling sports items (especially cycling, running and outdoor) under an exceptional shopping experience.


After becoming a leader in Spain within its sector and consolidating in the French, Italian and Portuguese markets, workoutsgear.com sets a new objective: to market its products all over the world.


  • Specialization
  • Sponsors of sport and healthy life
  • Excellence in consumer service
  • Clear user experience
  • Effective and efficient procedures
  • Variety of brands and products
  • Focus on the results and dynamism within the organization and the team
  • Decentralized leadership owned by each team member
  • Meritocracy

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