5 mini stepper exercises

The operation of a mini stepper is simple: you simultaneously press the steps, which simulate climbing stairs. 

The stepper is ideal for working the cardio, glutes, thighs, calves and more generally the lower body. 

You do not know which types of exercises to favor? Here we give you 5 types of exercises with a stepper, depending on your goal.

Instructions before starting an exercise

Whatever the stepper exercise, you must follow a few guidelines:

Start each session with a little warm-up: up to 5 minutes of stepping at very low intensity to increase the heart rate little by little.
Get into the correct position: stand up straight when stepping.
Remember to hydrate, keep a bottle of water nearby
Look ahead.
Avoid turning around, it can throw you off balance
Control your heart rate if possible, and don’t hesitate to lower the intensity if necessary!
Remember to stretch after each session to avoid stiffness.
Stepper exercise # 1: to keep fit
This stepper exercise is suitable for people who want to stepper on a daily basis, without seeking performance or great weight loss, but rather to keep in shape, enjoy the benefits of sport and the stepper.

Warm-up 5 minutes

20 minutes of continuous stepping, with moderate intensity
5 minutes to calm down
This type of training is commonly done by owners of mini steppers. This allows you to work on your endurance, improve your health in general: good for the heart, anti stress, anti weight gain (in addition to a balanced diet), and still allows you to draw your silhouette little by little .

Stepper exercise # 2: to lose weight

This type of stepper exercise is suitable for people who want to lose weight, with longer sessions than the previous exercise.

5-minute warm-up at low intensity
40 minutes of moderate intensity stepper
5 minutes cool down, low intensity
This session of about 50 minutes (40 minutes at moderate intensity + 10 minutes at low intensity) is suitable for weight loss . It is only after 30 minutes of effort that your body will, in addition to burning calories, start to burn fat. It is therefore from around 30 minutes that you will start to lose weight effectively.

Stepper exercise # 3: the interval

Interval training, as the name suggests, consists of alternating phases at very high intensity and phases of recovery at very low intensity. Interval training may be more effective than “continuous” training at burning fat, but is much more energy intensive! If you are overweight or obese and are not used to cardio exercises, it is better and safer to stay on continuous exercise for now.

5-minute warm-up at low intensity
10 minutes of stepper at moderate intensity
Alternate 30 seconds at very high intensity then 30 seconds of recovery at very low intensity
Repeat this operation for about 15 minutes of interval training (15 high intensity phases and 15 recovery phases)
10 minutes of low to moderate intensity stepper
5 minutes cool down, low intensity
Some details about the split:

The high intensity and low intensity phases can be adapted: 45 seconds or 1 minute per phase for example.
It is possible to choose the short or long split. The short split consists of alternating phases of the same duration. The long split consists of alternating a high intensity phase with a recovery phase twice as short. Example: high intensity phase of 1 minute then 30 seconds of recovery.
Warning: even if the fractional burns more fat , more intense efforts than a continuous session may cause the thighs to increase in volume. If you want to lose weight without gaining volume in the thighs, prefer exercise 2.

Stepper exercise # 4: with resistance bands

The mini stepper mainly works the lower body: buttocks, hips, thighs, calves mainly, and the abdominals and lumbars to a lesser extent.

To work your whole body, you can choose a stepper model with elastic bands. They allow you to diversify your stepper exercises , while working the bust, arms and shoulders mainly. Two possibilities are available to you with resistance elastics:

To work on the bust: elastic bands in hand, raise the arms outstretched to shoulder level
To work the arms: elastic in hand, do a flexion movement – arms stretched along the body
Stepper exercise # 5: to strengthen the buttocks / thighs or calves
It’s not really a full-fledged stepper exercise , but a way of stepping to prioritize the calf muscles OR the thighs and glutes muscles.

To target and work the calves: press with the tips of the feet
To target and work the buttocks and thighs: press with the heels
Do a few stepper movements with your toes first, then with your heels afterwards, you normally feel a huge difference!

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