5 Exercices cardio pour stepper

The stepper is a device specially designed to work the muscles of the body and in particular those of its lower part. Making us reproduce the same movements as those we perform when going up the stairs, it thus solicits the muscles of the body and especially that of the heart. We can therefore say that it is a perfect device to maintain physical form, but also the mind. To strengthen the optimization of the cardiovascular system, here are some cardio exercises to be performed with a stepper.

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1- Start with the warm-up
Whatever sport you are playing, whatever device you use, it is always important to start with a warm-up. So before using a stepper to perform cardio exercises, it is best to start with a warm-up of at least ten minutes. The duration of the warm-up increases with age, but also according to the physical conditions of the person.

2- adopt the right actions
After the warm-up, it is also important to adopt a good posture and a perfect position so that the exercises to be performed are not harmful to the muscles and especially to the heart. So, when you want to do cardio with a stepper, you have to be sure to position your feet perfectly on the pedals. A good posture will also minimize pain, but above all the risk of accidents. Then, lean on the pedals perfectly, especially not to stand on your tiptoes, this risks destabilizing you. Also, don’t forget to keep your back straight with your shoulders relaxed. Be careful, the heart is fragile, doing cardio exercises can be beneficial, but do not force it so as not to have the opposite effect of tiring the heart.

3- Continuous training exercises
To make the heart work properly without tiring it, continuous training is recommended. It is a series of various rhythms with various intensities, but to be performed in a gentle way. This type of training uses the heart and all the muscles in the body. It promotes optimal blood circulation and increases endurance. People short of breath and getting tired quickly are affected by this type of training. In addition, it is ideal for people with overweight who must maintain its cardiac functions. It is also the ideal workout for beginners as well as the elderly. The exercise begins with a warm-up of about ten minutes, you can increase the warm-up time if necessary. Once you are perfectly warmed up, you must start the session. This lasts on average 20 to 25 minutes depending on the resistance of the person. It must be carried out at a low speed with a slow but steady pace. Continue at a considerably slower pace for about 10 minutes. You can do this exercise two to three times a week to train the heart.

4- Interval training exercises
If you want to do cardio with a stepper, the interval training exercise is perfectly indicated. However, it is only reserved for people who are already initiated to the sport, beginners as well as the elderly should not choose this option at the risk of compromising their health. Interval training consists of alternating work and recovery sessions. It thus promotes endurance of the heart and allows you to have more breath. It is also carried out for a longer period, about 45 min for a session and which must be practiced 2 to 3 times a week.

5- Adapt your exercises according to your device
It must be said that there are various models of stepper on the market. The cardio exercises that can be performed with the device depend on the model of your stepper. However, the previous two exercises can be done regardless of what type of stepper machine you have. Indeed, they can be reproduced on any type of stepper device. Before embarking on other cardio exercises, it is therefore best to know your stepper perfectly so that you can perform the cardio exercise that suits your needs.

We can say that the stepper is perfectly suited to build a muscular and firm body. Its use also helps target excess fat. Despite the fact that it is a device that mainly targets the lower part of the body, it still allows you to work the abs and in particular the heart, because the simulation of my climb of a staircase that is carried out by this device makes work the heart. This is why it is indicated for those who want to maintain their heart by performing exercises with the stepper. However, certain precautions must be taken, especially for the elderly and those who have had operations or who have a health problem. Before you indulge in cardio exercises with a stepper, always consult your doctor.

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